To understand where the car industry is headed, it’s important to use new ideas, plans, and ways of doing things. We have the knowledge, connections, and global presence to help car leaders today and prepare future leaders.

This is a very exciting and challenging time for the car industry. Improvements in carpooling, cars that can drive themselves, electric cars, and other areas are making a difference beyond just the car industry. The world will change a lot because of them.

The ability of vehicles to do many different things has helped society change a lot in the last 100 years, but car companies still have more to do.

How We Work with Car Companies


We want to help our clients by creating a car strategy that can change and improve the industry. We help companies in the car industry.

  • Improve the research and development of cars to use new technologies.
  • Implementing major car computer system updates on a large scale.
    Advance to vehicles that can drive themselves, transportation services, and other current businesses.

To help our car industry clients achieve their goals, we use our extensive knowledge and experience and a global team of specialized car experts.

How we help the car industry.

We help car companies understand how big changes in the industry affect their business. This includes:

  • Making a difference to form a cleaner world 
  • Moving forward security by diminishing activity accidents 
  • Making portability more available and more impartial for all


Our car experts have a lot of experience in the industry and use specific tools to help clients make plans and decide what is most important. At that time, we help them decide how and when to get new ideas and products by working together with them to make those ideas into real plans.

We do a lot of different work related to cars, from making plans for the company to improving the way the company works.

In addition to our helpful work, we have created six centers to promote car-related products and progress.


  • The Center for Climate Change & Electrification is where we focus on electric vehicle markets and methods, and study how EVs affect energy, infrastructure, and related industries. We use many tools to help clients look at job opportunities, how much money they will make, and what they need to make products. We also look at other businesses and where the industry is going.
  • At the Center for Making Car Stuff, we help car companies study what customers like and how they behave so they can make better products and make more money. We use a set of tools to manage how long products remain on the market and their prices. We use our stage design and innovation plans to keep up with what our clients want while also being cost-effective.
  • The Center for Operations in Automotive is where we help clients improve their car manufacturing and supply chain for the future. We help our clients make new products and technologies by using the best tools and technology available. This includes production lines, mobile labs, innovation exhibits, and advanced analytics.
  • The Automotive Deals & Marketing Center brings together deals and promotions in the automotive industry.
  • Compinnov is really good at finding good deals and advertising for car industry clients. We help clients with projects in digital car advertising, online and in-store sales, and pricing and incentive management. To do this, our experts use a lot of tools and data to help with marketing, sales, and pricing.
  • The Center for Advanced in Automotive helps car companies make better ways to sell cars, use computer systems to improve processes, and create new technologies like self-driving cars and electric cars.
  • We help clients by giving them important tools like information systems, advanced insights, and better ways of working, such as being more flexible and becoming a more advanced company. In this job, we work with our digital experts for big changes, as well as with Platinion, GAMMA, and Computerized Wanders.
  • The Center for Versatility Innovation looks at new ways to get around, like bikes, scooters, and public transportation. They also study how to make transportation better, like improving roads and bridges.

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