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Deepfield Robotics is aware of the esteem of your protection.

Compinnov usually provides a security explanation and arrangement. In December 2022, this security statement was last updated. Check out the Compinnov website at https://compinnov. com/offices/ to learn more about where they work around the world.
Compinnov understands how important it is to keep you safe. Once you use Compinnov or other Compinnov websites, including membership pages or other websites or apps that link to this Security Explanation, Compinnov promises to protect your privacy and the personal information you provide. Also, the protection rules will apply to any information you provide to Compinnov in response to an email request or any other form of contact from Compinnov. If you live in California, please refer to the California Addendum at the end of this privacy statement for more information on how we use your information and how you can exercise your rights. Thank
Compinnov can change this Security Articulation when they want. To make sure you know how we use the information we gather, any changes to our statement will be shown here. This place may have links to other websites that are not controlled by this Privacy Policy. Compinnov is not responsible for the safety practices of any other websites we link to. We help you check the privacy policies of those websites before you give them any information.
You agreeing to this set of rules to keep you safe.
Please read this Security Explanation carefully if it’s okay with you. By looking at the Location or agreeing when needed, you agree to follow this Security Statement under the relevant security laws.

The information we gather and how we use it.

What information do we gather.

Account and being a member When you sign up for an account on our website, we may collect your information if you ask for copies of materials, sign up for email newsletters and press releases, ask for information about our services, or request advertising messages from Compinnov through emails or social media. This is done with your permission and in accordance with privacy laws.
We collect personal information like names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, location information, interests, and statistics.
If you don’t give us this information, you won’t be able to create an account, ask for copies of our products, subscribe to our emails, or get more information about our services and job openings.
Research and events
“If you join Compinnov studies or attend supported events, the company may gather information about you. “
We collect personal information like names, email addresses, IP addresses, and other details about people.
Compinnov Innovation can do surveys with clients online or use new technology to collect information about different topics such as client preferences, habits, and if they found what they were looking for on the website. They can also see if the content on the website meets the needs of the clients. We also sometimes gather information and data about the systems and web browsers used by customers.

How do we use personal information.

The way your personal information is used depends on how the location and the information you provide are used. We collect your personal information.

To protect Compinnov’s real trade interface. This includes:

  • Talk to you and take care of your requests regarding your account, Compinnov memberships, newsletters, events and survey participation.
  • Customizing your participation at the site with important Compinnov resources.
  • Understanding who visits the website, identifying what they are interested in, and figuring out if the website works well for most of our visitors’ computer settings.
  • Measuring and improving the effectiveness of Compinnov marketing programs across different platforms.
  • Improve and organize our website content and navigation.
  • We will tell you about new features and other things we offer that you might like.
  • This might include news and events, and we will keep track of how you use our emails, but only for our own information.
  • According to your agreement, as required by the laws that protect you.
  • We can only use your personal information if you give us permission to do so.
  • You can change your mind and take back your consent anytime.
  • To meet a legal requirement. This also includes rules to prevent fraud and money laundering, in addition to evaluating social security requirements.


How we can use and give out your information

We may need to share your information with other companies to help us provide services and products to you and to operate our Location.
Our backups are team members.

Our helpers

  • Our partners help us with tasks like delivering mail, managing IT, ensuring security and promoting our events.
  • Our business partners for events and distributions that are organized together by Compinnov and them.
  • Police and other authorities must follow all legal obligations and court orders.
  • If someone says you used their work without permission, Compinnov may share your contact information with them.
  • Taking care of your personal information.

Compinnov keeps your personal information for as long as it is needed to serve the original purpose for collecting it.

The way we decide when to do maintenance includes:

How long we work with you and provide services, for example, as long as you have an account with us, and after that if we need to use your personal information to solve any problems that may come up.
“Sometimes we have to keep records of your transactions before we can delete them, because there are laws that require us to do so. ”
Whether maintenance is suitable based on our legal position (like in terms of time limits, legal cases or government investigations)

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services to customers.

We follow the laws that protect your information when we communicate with you for marketing. If you don’t want to get emails or other messages from us in the future, you can click on the link in the message to unsubscribe. When you sign up for Compinnov email updates, you can choose what updates and information you want to receive. You can also decide to stop getting these emails in the future.

Cookies and other improvements following them.

We use cookies to keep track of your visits to our website and our messages to you. A “cookie” is a small amount of data sent from a website to your computer and stored on the hard drive. Other advancements keep track of your website activity and store a small amount of data on your devices, compared to cookies. This helps us gather information on how you use our location and our services. Many web browsers let you delete cookies from your computer, block all cookies, or receive a notification before a cookie is saved. Please check the information in your browser for more details. Once you give us permission to use cookies, we will put a cookie on your computer or device to remember it for next time. Please delete our cookies using your web browser’s settings if you want to withdraw permission at any time. Please remember that if your browser doesn’t accept cookies, you might not be able to access some parts.

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