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The place must follow these rules and laws.

Please read these terms and conditions before using the website.

You must follow these rules and laws when using the website. By using the Location, you agree to these Terms and Conditions without any limits or exceptions. If you don’t agree to the rules, don’t use the location. If you ever find any part of the Terms and Conditions confusing, stop using the website right away.

Change, adjust, or remove the rules and conditions.

Compinnov Worldwide Innovation can change the Terms and Conditions at any time without telling you. Please check the Terms and Conditions regularly for any updates. You must agree to accept any changes or deletions to the location when using it.

Protection means keeping something safe from harm or damage.

It would be best if you refer to Compinnov Worldwide TECHNOLOGY’s Privacy Policy for information about how the company collects, uses, and stores users’ data.

Using location content and understanding copyright regulations.

This place and all the information it has, or may have in the future, including articles, reports, opinions, pictures, and logos, belongs to Compinnov Worldwide Innovation. It is protected by U. S law from being copied and shared without permission. Laws about owning ideas and creations, like copyrights, trademarks, and other property laws. Some of the logos and brand names on the site belong to other companies. As we have explained in these Terms of Use, you are not allowed to use this Site or any content on it without getting permission from Compinnov Worldwide Innovation or the person who owns the copyright or trademark.
Compinnov Worldwide Innovation gives power and permission for businesses to use content on the website. However, Compinnov Worldwide Innovation is an organization that is dedicated to upholding professional standards. As a result, they do not allow any links or use of their materials that suggest they support or endorse any third party’s causes, ideas, political campaigns, websites, products or services. And you cannot use their material for commercial purposes without their written consent. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation does not approve of links to locations where the connecting party engages in any prohibited conduct (as described in these Terms of Use). We can say no to any agreement at any time.
If you follow the rules, Compinnov Worldwide Innovation lets you view, copy, and print the Substance for your own use. But you have to keep all the copyright and other notices in the Substance, and you can’t change it.

Ways people respond to requests made online.

Occasionally, Compinnov Worldwide Innovation may send information or materials through email or another method to people who are interested. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation has the right to refuse any requests for data or materials and stop providing them to anyone for any reason.

Refused behavior

  • You can only use the place for legal reasons. You must not share or distribute any material that contains the following on this site.
    is untrue, hurts someone’s reputation, is offensive, inappropriate or harmful, or something else that is very alarming to Compinnov
  • Worldwide Innovation according to the Company’s own judgement;
    has harmful things like computer viruses, worms, or other dangerous stuff.
  • Infringing on other people’s rights, like using something that belongs to someone else or revealing secret information.
    contains any incorrect or misleading information;
  • Includes advertising; or
    Something else breaks the law. You cannot use the place for business purposes and cannot ask people for money or sell things there. In short, you can’t ask people to join other websites that are like ours.


Organizing and deleting information.

Compinnov Worldwide Innovation cannot check most of the content that users post on the website and is not responsible for that content. However, Compinnov Worldwide Innovation has the right to cancel your access to these areas and/or delete, move, or change any Users’ Content (including messages posted in any forum) that it may decide, in its sole discretion, violates the Terms of Use. You are responsible for all content posted by you or anyone else using your account. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation can fix mistakes or omissions in any User’s Content if it wants to.


We do not support or approve.

Compinnov does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any content posted on the website by users or third parties. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation rejects any responsibility for any risk related to Users’ Content, and you understand that you use such content at your own risk.
The Location may have links to other websites owned by other companies. You know that Compinnov Worldwide Innovation is not responsible for the things you can find on other websites. You should get in touch with the person who runs the website or the person in charge of the website if you have any questions or issues about links to other websites.

Supporter skills or abilities


When you sign up or apply to Compinnov Worldwide Innovation, you need to provide accurate and up-to-date information, and you agree to let them know if anything changes.
People can only join the Location if they are at least 18 years old. Children can receive keys or client ID/passwords as part of an approved group membership. You can only use the Location by yourself and you cannot give this right to anyone else.
You are responsible for getting things like internet, computer equipment, and other items needed to access and use the Location. You need to be aware of all the costs associated with accessing and maintaining a connection to the Location, including fees from your internet service provider or your local phone company.

Register data

If you don’t choose differently on the Compinnov personal data page, Compinnov can share some of your information, like your name, email, and address, with partners and other companies to tell you about their products and services. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation should also be allowed to share all information about who is using their services and their characteristics, as long as it doesn’t reveal any individual’s personal details. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation can send you emails to let you know about any changes or new things on their website or about their products and services. Check the Company’s Security Policy for more information.

Other people or groups outside of the main two involved parties.
Compinnov Worldwide Innovation might show you links to other websites, and some of the content on the website might come from other companies. Compinnov Worldwide Innovation is not responsible for other websites. Their terms and privacy policies are the responsibility of the content providers on those websites.

Get to and access the site.
The place might become unreachable to you because of technical problems or other reasons, which could cause damage to your systems or work. You are responsible for making sure that any information or content you get from the website is safe and doesn’t have any harmful computer programs in it. These programs could harm your computer, software, or data.

Imprisonment, stopping, or finishing.
Compinnov Worldwide Innovation can stop you from using the website at any time, for any reason, without warning or without giving you a refund.
Compinnov Worldwide Innovation can change, stop or pause any part of the Location at any time, including access to any part of the Location like database or content, without telling anyone beforehand.

No promises or guarantees are being made.
Please read these rules before using the website.
“You must follow these rules and the law when using the website and its features. ” By using the Location, you agree to these Terms and Conditions without any limits or exceptions. If you don’t agree to the rules, don’t use the location. If you don’t understand any part of the Terms and Conditions, stop using the site.



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