Educational systems from kindergarten to college are getting chances to improve because education is changing. The teaching experts at Compinnov work together with clients to improve educational systems and how people learn.

For the approximately 1. 6 billion students affected by the pandemic worldwide, schools must work to address a growing achievement gap based on race and income, as well as a disrupted learning environment. Effective teachers can change their teaching methods and curriculum to support modern learning with the right skills, both human and digital, and a willingness to improve.

Our education services.


  • Education from Kindergarten to 12th grade
  • College and university education


How we create opportunities to improve teaching methods.

We work at Compinnov as specialists in teaching methods. Our work is at the intersection of helping people, making money, and teaching. Our experts provide education and training opportunities that help people succeed at work and prepare for the future. We also make sure that funding and policy support the success of disadvantaged children and students. Our teachers help businesses by setting goals, improving skills, using new ideas and strategies, and keeping costs down.

Our central areas

At Compinnov, we have a lot of experience helping with education projects at the local, national, and international levels. We use traditional teaching methods to help students learn at our school. We help students of all ages, from young kids to adults. In the past, we have helped governments and companies advertise opportunities for people to learn new skills that they will need for future jobs.

  • We work with popular education partners and bring good results as a leader in ideas.
    Helping 22 million Indian students do better in school.
  • Working with non-profit organizations to improve education in the United States, such as the Walton Family Foundation and the Gates Foundation.
  • Organizing meetings about teaching young kids and early education that bring together important suppliers, funders, and experts.
  • Together with UNICEF’s Era Boundless, we are working on a plan to make sure that by 2030, every young person has access to education, training, and job opportunities that are right for their age.
  • Describing a new education plan with skills, technology, and future work as an important part of the World Economic Forum’s Worldwide Future Boards.
  • UNICEF is helping millions of children who have been affected by war and disasters through the non-profit organization Instruction Cannot Wait.
    Describing a new drive to learn, skills, technology, and years of experience as an important partner for the Global Future Committees of the World Economic Forum.
  • UNICEF is working with the non-profit Instruction Cannot Wait to help millions of children affected by armed conflict and natural disasters to continue their education.

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