Important changes in the transportation and logistics industry mean that companies need to make big changes to succeed. Compinnov’s coordination counseling and transportation counseling groups help clients understand and use digital technology to improve their services for their customers.

It may seem impossible to protect against this big change in the industry. Understanding and adapting to changes can help transportation and logistics companies come up with new ideas and ways of doing things.

Our travel and coordination department.

Train business

Our transportation counseling group works with companies that operate urban transportation, rail cargo, rail maintenance, and rail technology. We help our rail clients work better and be more productive, even as they face the challenges of the current rail system and changing customer needs.

The business of moving goods from one place to another is called the shipping industry.

We help shipping clients improve their fleet and navigation methods to overcome too many ships and unpredictable demand. Our experts help come up with new strategies and business plans for companies that ship goods in bulk or containers, and for terminal operators.

The postal and delivery industry.

Our special key advice helps postal and delivery companies create value from popular brands and local customers. We help players understand their customers and their beliefs to keep attracting more people. We place them in the best spots to make the last part of the journey better.

The movement of goods and shipping industry

We work with companies who are experts in shipping by sea, contract logistics, road and air freight, and cargo. We assist these companies in finding the best areas and markets for their business. We help provide advanced technology and data analysis to help you get more value from your assets.

Where We Show Respect in the Transportation and Logistics Business.

Our transportation and logistics consulting team makes improvements in postal, rail, shipping, and logistics industries to help clients.

  • We help you adjust your business and organization to fit the market and prepare for future changes that will help you grow.
    Always help in technology, data analysis, and skills.
  • We help you to use digital technology for your business, or work with other companies that are changing how things are done in logistics and transportation.
    Understand and use more environmentally friendly supply chains and technologies.
  • We can help you learn about new ways of doing things, like using cleaner fuels for shipping according to the IMO 2020 regulations.
  • We don’t just follow the rules, we also work to meet customers’ increasing demand for eco-friendly services.
  • Deliver great service. With our help, you can use different ways to make and send a complete customer experience.
  • Get our help to respond to what’s happening in business, taxes, and trade barriers. We’ll also help you prepare for new changes that are coming.

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