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As the travel and tourism industry comes back to life, companies have a chance to change how they do business. Our experts help tourism companies make the right plans for success.

The coronavirus made travel and tourism companies really think hard. As these companies look at changes in the industry, the ones that can change and adapt will be able to gain more market share and security. Basic tasks like managing, assessing, and working with clients, along with making progress, will be important for a successful plan after the crisis.

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Why Compinnov?

We as of presently work with the finest travel and tourism companies over the globe.

In the last 50 years, we have worked with many different companies in the travel and tourism industry, including airlines, railroads, hotels, cruise lines, theme parks, casinos, government tourism organizations, and others, on over 1,100 projects.

We think of travel and tourism as something special, not just a part of the business world. Carriers and trains look very different when seen from a travel and tourism point of view compared to a logistics and transportation point of view. The requirements are very strict, and now more than ever, the travel and tourism industry needs a highly personalized approach. This is what we provide at Compinnov.

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